Nestled along the eastern coast of Brazil lies the vibrant state of Bahia, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, stunning beaches, and delicious cuisine. From the colonial charm of Salvador to the miles and miles of beautiful beaches, Bahia offers a unique and unforgettable travel experience for adventurers and culture seekers alike. Join us on a journey to discover the beauty and diversity of this captivating region.Discover the beaches of Bahia in the 3 spectacular beach hopping itineraries below.

1. Costa de Dende & Costa de Cacau

Recommended Tour

Itinerary: Salvador, Morro de Sao Paulo, Boipeba, Marau, Barra Grande, Itacare, Ilheus

Length / Price: 10 days / from £2,800per person

Best Boutique Hotels: Vila dos Orixas, Pousada Mangabeiras, Casa dos Arandis, Villa Kandui, Barracuda, KA BRU

When to visit: September to March, avoid April to June because of rain

On this 10-day guided beach hopping tour you will discover the beautiful off-the beaten track tropical beaches of Bahia in Brazil. This region is considered the cultural center of Brazil and impresses with its Afro-Brazilian traditions, gastronomy and music. You will travel along the romantic Costa do Dende and Costa do Cacau from Salvador to Ilheus, visiting Morro de São Paulo, Tinharé Archipelago, Boipeba, Maraú Peninsula, Camamu, Barra Grande and Itacare. On the way you will encounter paradise-like semi-deserted beaches, quilombos and colonial towns, mangroves and the protected Atlantic Rainforest. Active travellers can enjoy various outdoor activities like abseiling, rafting, canoeing, hiking, ecological trails and surfing. Learn about chocolate production, try capoeira and get a Brazilian tan. Stay at small boutique hotels. The program can be altered in many ways and can be done the other way around, starting in Ilheus and going up to Salvador. This is a great option for nature lovers, families and couples.

2. Cocoa Coast Bike Circuit

Recommended Tour

Itinerary: Ilheus, Urucuca, Serra Grande, Conduru, Itacare, Taboquinhas

Length / Price: 7 days / from £2,170per person

Best Boutique Hotels: Barracuda, KA BRU, Txai Itacare

When to visit: September to February, avoid April to June because of rain

This 07-day guided bike circuit will take you to Costa do Cacau in the south of Bahia, starting in Ilheus. Here, the climate is tropical, with an average temperature of 27 º C year round. The itinerary brings together beautiful nature, history, culture, good gastronomy and biking. Surrounded by the lush Atlantic Rainforest, the region features deserted beaches, rivers, lagoons, clear water waterfalls and a historic heritage of cacao farming, with century-old rural farms. Rocky mountains hide, in their secluded coves, small and delicate fine-sand beaches, sheltered by dreamy coconut groves. Visit historic farms and taste high quality chocolate, learning about organic practices. Try yourself at capoeira – south of Bahia is without doubt one of the best places to be introduced to the famous Brazilian martial art. Stay in beautiful boutique hotels, taste fresh seafood and organic recipes. The tour was exceptionally designed for adventure seekers – it is a great option for travellers who enjoy physically active holidays.

Author: J Balla

3. Secret Bahia

Recommended Tour

Itinerary: Porto Seguro, Coroa Vermelha, Trancoso, Praia do Espelho, Caraiva, Porto do Boi, Corumbau, Tatuassu

Length / Price: 9 days / from £1,740per person

Best Boutique Hotels: Villa Fulo, Cala & Divino, Sao Francisco de Corumbau, Uxua, Tatubel, Etnia

When to visit: year round, best November to March

The Secret Bahia Tour is a 9-day beach holiday program packed with a bit of history and culture in the north-east of Brazil. This region enjoys year-round sunshine and is a great choice for a holiday anytime round the year. Discover the outstanding natural beauty of the Bahian coast, one of the best places in South America to enjoy the beach. Visit the historic town of Porto Seguro, the laid-back village of Trancoso and pristine white-sand beaches. Meet the indigenous Pataxo tribe and learn about their traditional way of life. Discover miles of coastline with crystal clear waters and tidal natural pools. Sip in the relaxed atmosphere of Trancoso and Caraiva, in the shade of tall coconut groves. In the evening, dine at rustic restaurants in the vibrant Quadrado, enjoying live music. Simple and magical. For active travellers, south of Bahia is a great place to learn capoeira and surfing. This program is suitable for families travelling with children, as well as couples, groups of friends and senior travellers. The tour includes accommodation at small boutique pousadas with a lot of comfort and charm. 


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