We create enriching journeys that give back to the places and communities that fuel exploration

We combat overtourism

We design itineraries involving visits to alternative destinations and attractions that are not overwhelmed by mass tourism. This spreads the economic benefits of tourism wider across regions, provides a more relaxing guest experience, and contributes to the preservation of popular sites.

We promote waste reduction

We advocate on the reduction single-use plastics and partner with suppliers that have waste management plans in place and are also taking steps to reduce their waste

We offer sustainable activities

We recommend activities that have a minimal carbon footprint, such as hiking, cycling, walking tours, or non-motorized water sports. We design experiences that support heritage preservation and environmental conservation and avoid activities that exploit wildlife or communities.

We educate on cultural and environmental respect

We educate travelers about local cultures, promote sustainable practices, and emphasize the importance of preserving natural habitats.

We optimize routes and locations

We reduce the number of destinations visited, choose activities in closer proximity, and take the most direct routes to reduce transportation emissions. We choose activity locations that avoid disturbing nature and wildlife.

We support local communities

We choose suppliers that are locally owned and contribute to community development projects to ensure economic benefits stay within the destinations visited.